Desensitisation – treatment for pollen allergies

Did you know… the right time to think about treatment for pollen allergies is AFTER the pollen season?

For those of us who suffer from hay fever the ordeal for this year is over. Soon we will have forgotten all about the sneezing, eye watering and itching which pestered our lives for weeks and months.

What treatment is recommended and when​?

The only evidence-based treatment for pollen allergies is desensitisation, however this should be started three months before the season.

What is desensitisation?

Desensitisation is based on the administration of low doses of allergen on a regular basis, for about three years. To be sure to choose the right allergen for the treatment it is important to consider the exact time span when you had your symptoms, as well as your allergic sensitisation levels.

Is desensitisation only for comfort?

No, the use of powerful antihistamines is a problem as this causes tiredness and reduces performance at work and school. Desensitisation is definitely recommended for children with a three-year history of hay fever because of their higher risk of developing allergic asthma.

Where can I get a desensitisation treatment arranged?

Call Roseneath Medical Practice on 020 8940 9955 to book desensitisation treatment with Dr Robert Arlt MD, Consultant Paediatrician with a special interest in allergy.